“Bad food is the enemy of enjoyment”

Hello and welcome.

Allow me to introduce myself, or not…

As a restaurant reviewer and food critic, I remain anonymous (in the hope that one day I might work for the mighty Michelin). Still it’s nice to have a name, so you may call me M. August.

There’s just a few things you need to know: I pay for all my meals. I do not accept freebies… or bribes… under £100,000… just kidding… I don’t accept bribes.

I eat with friends, I eat with family and I eat alone.

I do love to photograph my food.

I live in England’s South East so, although I travel a lot, you may notice a concentration of the South East and London-based restaurants.

I base my reviews largely on the quality of the cooking, the pairing, the thought, the flavours that the chef has combined. But I don’t think the dining experience ends with what’s on the plate. For me, the ambience, the environment and the service are all crucial to how much you’ll enjoy your meal so those all play a crucial role in the allocation of the Cutlery Count – my personal star system.

I’ll also throw in a few recipes, some product reviews and foodie ideas because I live this, food is my world.

If I link to where you can buy something I may use an affiliate link which means I get a tiny cut of anything you then go on to purchase – every small contribution helps to fund the blog – and my restaurant addiction – but if you’d rather I didn’t benefit (you miserable sod) then simply type the product into a search engine and find it elsewhere. I won’t be offended.

Seeing as no-one knows (or cares, at this stage) who I am, you can be assured that the service I receive and the food I’m served will be the same as everyone else’s –  no special treatment here!


M. August, 2017

Bon Appétit

Photo: Alpha, 2010 (cc)

Getting in touch:

Although I take my anonymity seriously, I’m fully prepared to come out of the shadows if the Great British Menu team come a calling – call me GBM, I’m available and easier on the ear than Oliver Peyton!! All will be revealed in that case 😉

In all seriousness, if you wish to speak with me, have a commission to suggest, want to rant because I didn’t enjoy your offerings, or would like to invite me to try your latest foodie innovation you can contact me at:


M. August.